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Food guidelines nurseries should follow for younger children

May 28 2020 , Written by Wimbledon Day Nursery Published on #Wimbledon Day Nursery, #Wimbledon nurseries, #Nurseries in Wimbledon, #nursery schools of Wimbledon

Nutrition is the most important requirement for young children. Not only for the proper growth of their brain and body but also for the protection from diseases. Young children are more vulnerable because of many reasons. Many nursery schools in Wimbledon do not adhere to the set standard for meals for children. A major challenge remains in the understanding of the bodily requirement of children and theavailability of such nutritious food. Generally, the eating habits of children are formed in their early years. Therefore, more caution is needed while deciding the diet of nursery school children.

The key guidelines for nursery schools in Wimbledon can be seen as:

Using less processed food: processed food can be detrimental to the health of children. It can reduce their liking for healthy foods too. Processed food has been proved to have many negative effects on children. Nurseries in Wimbledon must completely avoid this.

Compulsory training for staff: appropriate knowledge and understanding of the staff can make a big difference. When the staff would know what is beneficial, what should be added and whatnot, how the goods should be prepared etc, it will better the situation.

Strict following of nutritional standards: the government has figured out some nutritional standards to be followed by nurseries. Complete knowledge of the required standards and procedures should be followed and placed.

Quality check: doing a thorough quality check should be a priority of nursery schools of Wimbledon. The good quality of food can certainly ensure good nutrition. Fresh ingredients should be used for making the food.

Information to parents: parents have all the rights to know about the nutrition being given to their children. Nursery schools should inform parents about the food being given, timings and other details. Parents can be involved in the menu formation from time to time. This will further help the nursery schools to provide suitable nutrition to children.

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